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The automatic multi functional cement block machine is hydraulic and also vibrating equipment. the raw materials for the assembly is river sand, little stone, slag, shale, gangue, coal ash then on. Also can be pressed into block type with some cement together, then natural curing.

These all machine is available for different blocks, wall bricks, color bricks, paving stone, lawn bricks and slope-protecting bricks and other kinds of products. adopting Siemens technology and molds made from best steel through precision machining, wire-cutting, heat dealing, this machine is durable and a pacesetter within the international market. Meanwhile, it is saving supporting plates because the new product can be stack together, so it become the best choice for construction with high quality.

this almost machine is often installed other kind molds for production on various of products, like concrete blocks, rebar blocks, bridge special spacers, cement components, decorates components, European components, zinc alloy stirrups and etc. Therefore, it is a multifunction machine, which can meet many demands and bring you largest profits at a small cost.

cement block machine manufacturers in Mehsana

Our Hydraulic concrete block making machines provide easy, Eco-friendly and low cost to quicken the development works. These machines are of laying type during which, they lay blocks on the concrete floor and move forward. All our machines have sturdy construction with highest quality components, grounded hardened shafts and steel fabricated wheels.

This machine are often fitted with a feed hopper attachment which helps in dosing the proper quantity of fabric into the mould. Due to the separate de-molding station, the products are often slowly de-molded without causing any damage to the freshly produced products on the pallet. The specially designed hydraulic unit features a dedicated system for the pressing operation and an almost separate system for other functions. The ejection and locking systems are operated pneumatically which makes the entire machine easy to work and maintain.

The system is hermetically sealed to avoid any dust or water from entering the system ensuring years of trouble-free operation. The electrical system is controlled by a PLC system coupled to an outsized sized HMI which features a range of options for setting and operation. This operator-friendly system are often customized to the specific application as per the customer needs.

cement block machine manufacturers in Gujarat

we would wish due to introduce ourselves as manufacturers & exporters of top quality mixer machine. Evan more lift mixer, hooper mixer, lift & hooper, pan mixer for colour & concrete mixing, mini crane, clc block making machinery. The concrete block machine hydraulic egg lying type, fly ash brick making plant fully automatic. Almost a vibration table for interlock tiles pavers, Pvc plastic mould for the tile industry.

The report addresses all the information regarding the setting of the project, the technology selection, project requirements for machinery and equipment, technology, finance, project implementation, process operation, skill selection, etc. This report will serve as a complete guide on starting up such a new project that all necessary feasibility criteria are looked into and are a self-sustainable entity, giving reasonably handsome returns on the capital as well as an investment with ample scope for scaling up the operations.

The technical know-how for machinery would be provided by the supplier who will make sure the successful commissioning of the plant, supply its spare parts for the primary year, and help in troubleshooting if any. Further, any support for production and marketing would be provided by the Local Resource Centre set up under the UNDP-GEF project. If needed, LRC can arrange an expert of national/international repute through implementing agency for technical know-how.

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we are experts in cement block machine manufacturer  The staple like clay and coal shall be dumped within the boundary area of the land. The machinery for molding green bricks shall be installed in a shed of the green bricks that would be dried under shed over an area. The dried green bricks would then be fired within the brick kiln and fired bricks would be stored and supplied into the market. The layout of the plant is being proposed to ensure hygienic conditions and smooth movement of materials.

masonry as compared with burnt brick. This is primarily because of the savings in the mortar and faster construction speed, both due to arger block size and also due to the savings in plaster. Size optimization of concrete blocks also leads to an increase in usable internal space, when compared to conventional fired brick construction. Construction technique involved is similar to other masonry units thus easily adaptable. Through decentralized local
production, it is easily available through a large number of manufacturers and distributors in most parts of the country in both rural and urban areas.

The global concrete block and brick manufacturing market is gaining from the booming construction sector worldwide. Rapid urbanization leading to the demand for new housing units in developing countries is stoking demand for concrete blocks and bricks. For instance, Brazil is a key domestic market in Latin terms of the manufacturing volume of concrete blocks and bricks. Concrete blocks are preferred in the construction of walls as they are less susceptible to damage and provide insulation as well.

Endeavour Intelligent are experts in cement block machine manufacturers in Mehsana The cement concrete dense/ hollow bricks and blocks are replacing conventional building bricks gradually thanks to the inherent properties like strength, size accuracy, and insulation. These are used both for laying load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. The cost of blocks is very much compared to the cost of red bricks and quite low, especially, in hilly regions where building bricks cannot be made whereas red bricks have to be procured from distant places thus incurring extra heavy transportation costs.

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Only during a few regions, the great quality clay is available and the red brick industry has come up there. But the cement building blocks are often made anywhere. Endeavour Intelligent are expert in cement block machine manufacturers.



Survey No: 1206, At: Motap, Ta: Becharaji, Dist: Mehsana, Modhera Road, Mehsana, Gujarat - 384410.


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